During the first telephone call, we can give you more information about the cost of an intake interview and the total cost of your stay in Spain. The costs in Spain are inclusive of counselling, full or half board, flight, car rental and / or return to the airport in Alicante. Optional is that you will arrange the transport yourself. Also included are two post treatment conversations by telephone or Skype of about 15 minutes each. Supplementary post-treatment sessions in the Netherlands are optional and can be discussed. Based on your wishes and possibilities, we will send you a quotation.

Are you interested in planning an intake interview then the cost of the intake will be billed in advance.
Have you decided to participate, then we ask you to pay the total cost for your stay in Spain in advance.
Are you employed then a compensation by your employer is a possibility. Please discuss this with your company doctor, case manager, direct manager or a staff member. In that case, we will send a quote for coaching or reintegration guidance to your employer.
The same applies if you are self-employed, then the offer will be sent to your organisation. These costs are deductible for company tax.