In-depth coaching

Who can benefit from this coaching?

Our intensive individual in-depth coaching has been developed especially for self-employed entrepreneurs and managers who are experiencing a mental barrier. Do you notice that daily pressure is getting too high with a consequence that you cannot meet your job demands any longer? Is your working schedule too busy or irregular to allow for weekly interviews with a coach?

Here is the solution for your predicament: get away from your busy work schedule for one week and enable yourself to find a new balance that helps you cope with your demanding work life. We offer you this five-day counselling as an opportunity for relaxation and reflection. Specialised psychologists help you to refuel and strengthen your energy resources. For a brief moment we establish together how you have arrived at this current point in your life.

However our main goal is to go forward and discover what it is that you need to feed your vitality and resilience again.

For many years top athletes use mental counseling to enhance their sport results.
However top executives who need to perform and be in top condition continuously,
seldom use such counselling. Unlike in sports, in businesses the burden of high pressures is being carried in loneliness and without mental guidelines.
Is the assumption that you know how to deal with it, or that mental affairs are not an issue?
Consider the fact that training and advise on all sorts of subjects are well accepted in order to keep ahead of the competition.
Mental wellbeing is taken for granted.

Holistic approach

What can you expect from our coaching?

Our intensive in-depth coaching has a holistic approach: you will learn to look at yourself, at your interaction with others, and consider the effect that you have on one another. We see that everything in life is in motion and interrelated: one thing will always have impact on another. By gaining insight into this dynamic process, through the sharing of experiences and performing tasks with your coach, you experience a worthwhile learning process.

The result is that apart from the use of your analytical skills, you will feel comfortable to trust your intuition.

Various techniques will be used to show your standard reaction pattern towards situations, other people or yourself. You learn to develop skills for better awareness of the different 'Self' identities. How to recognise, investigate, organise and develop these different identities. In this manner you learn to optimise your own skills and competences in relation to others and to your environment.


La Casa Colorada

Why at this particular location in Spain?

Together with your coach, you will learn to take the perspective of an observer and look at many aspects of your life in a wider context. During the in-depth coaching we will use the term of the 'observing me'. Becoming an observer is easier if you step away from your current life into a totally different environment.

In the peace and quiet of Casa Colorada you spend five days in this so-called 'observing' position. Learning to develop this level of self-observation is the stepping stone to the direct and effective experience of the present moment. See these five days as a small retreat.

Your stay in Spain offers an overall experience of all the senses: seeing the unique house and its beautiful surroundings. Hearing the sound of the sea and the words spoken to you. Experiencing the peaceful view and a sense of freedom. Tasting the carefully prepared meals. Feeling the renewed contact with your inner self. Five days of undisturbed attention for yourself and for questions that need to be addressed, can help you to overcome the impasse you have found yourself in lately.

La Casa Colorada

The coaching is given outside the summer period, from mid-September to mid-July.

About us

Who will be my coach?

We work with certified psychologists in the field of Work Psychology. The team works and thinks in a holistic and eclectic manner. We do not want to limit ourselves to one methodology within the broad field of psychology.

In addition to our psychological background, our approach is philosophical and our aim is to make you reflect on the attitude that you have towards yourself, to others and to the world around you. Together with this sparring partner who speaks your language, you start thinking about, for example, your own roles in your life, about new developments that you are facing or about important decisions that you have to make.



Location Costa Calida

Between Cabo de Cope and Cabo de Patos lies an unspoiled coastal area called Costa Calida. The area has been a regional park since 1992 and has clean sandy beaches, small bays and crystal clear waters.

The Mediterranean climate of this area with little rain, 3200 sun hours per annum and average temperatures of

20 ° C make this place ideal for a stay in the spring and autumn. You fly to Alicante airport with a flight time of approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. The travel time by car to La Casa Colorada will take up to 1 hour.